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Diversity by design


Bridging the gap of success through mentorship and accessible work experience

Media Tech LA facilitates educational platforms & work experience opportunities for youth and young adults from marginalized communities. Participants are exposed to media production projects and mentored by experienced industry professionals. The knowledge and resources gained through the various programs are invaluable to their confidence when developing the necessary skills to succeed in the fast paced and ever-changing markets of media & technology.

create a totally different life.

Media Tech LA Programs

Gain Exposure to real world work experience

Participants are trained hands on in various areas of marketing and advertising through our fashion, media & Wellness brands.

Marketing & Advertising

Our community partners have joined in on our efforts to encourage healthy lifestyle choices in underprivileged neighborhoods.

Health & Wellness

Gain work experience working hands on with seasoned professional mentors and and innovative peers.

Media & Technology

LAAMT facilitates programs to launch brands that create a real impact on the communities we serve.

Community Development

Neighborhood Wellness is an initiative developed in an effort to support the growing need to provide more accessible quality wellness products and healthy food options to thriving urban communities.

Neighborhood Wellness

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Cultural Unity Diversity and Original (CUDO) TV Network brings a new meaning to streaming services. Our intent is to provide viewers with a unique experience by giving them a rich and diverse slate of programming. The CUDO TV Network believes that today’s avid viewers want to experience other cultures to enhance their lifestyle.

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What they say

Success stories

Working with LAAMT has been life changing for me! My network and experience level has grown exponentially!


Jahdisyn Hebert

Exec. Brand Strategist, VIXN HOUS EMC

My brand has experienced a 180 degree change since becoming a partner with LAAMT. A drastic increase in productivity.


Eva Patterson

Raw Nation ENT.CEO,

Becoming a Mentor has help me to brush up on skills I forgot I possessed and given me an outlet for creative expression.


Tamara Johnson

Film Producer, Psychotherapist

some of our contributing partners

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